5 Industrial Uses For Hemp That Are Changing The World

5 Industrial Uses For Hemp That Are Changing The World

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Hemp is an incredibly versatile plant, used widely around the world. It has diverse applications ranging from nourishment to shelter and thousands of things in between.

In this video, we are discussing the five amazing industrial applications of hemp:

1. FUEL:
Hemp-derived biofuel is both economical and environment-friendly. Hemp has higher yields, shorter growth times and even burns cleaner than many other biofuels. It is no wonder companies like FORD, AUDI, and BMW are studying hemp as an alternative to other oils and materials.

Hemp as a construction material has been rapidly increasing over the past decade. Contractors use materials like Hempcrete for buildings, hemp fiber for insulation and hemp oil for wood staining. Hemp is more sustainable than conventional options and equally as effective.

Hemp Fiber has been used in clothing for centuries and is making a big comeback today. Hemp textiles are stronger than cotton and use significantly less water to produce. While cotton used 25% of the world’s pesticides, most hemp plants don’t use any.

Plastics derived from hemp have been around as long as plastic itself. Hemp Bio-Plastic is an environment-friendly alternative to petroleum. It can be used for a wide array of applications in packaging, building, toys, and much more.

The use of hemp to make paper dates back at least 2000 years to the early Han Dynasty in China. Hemp has better tensile strength than wood, making stronger paper that doesn’t crack, yellow or tear as easily.

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