Advertising Management 101


Do you know how advertising plays an important role for any business? You cannot sell your product without advertising. Advertising is the communication between the business and the customer. The display or marketing of products and services to the customers is advertising. But managing this advertising campaign is not easy. This is one of the most challenging tasks for any ad manager. Businesses spend millions on advertising. Thus, the marketing manager handles getting the best ROI on the advertising campaign.

Advertising of businesses contributes to the economy of the country in a big way. The organization spends a lot on showcasing its products which impact the GDP of the country. Thus, advertising is very useful for the business and also for the country.

Hence, in this article, we will go into depth about advertising and its management. We will also discuss objectives and the importance of advertising management. You will also find the most useful tools and software that help with ad management. So let’s get started!

What is Advertising Management?

Advertising Management is the process of managing the advertising campaigns of a company. It is a very critical department for any company to increase its sales and revenue.

The team of advertising management plans strategies for better promotion of the products. They make a creative campaign to boost the company’s sales.

Advertising management refers to various processes. It involves processes like planning, creating, executing, and evaluating advertising programs.

In an organization, the responsibility for advertising can spread across several departments. It includes marketing, public relations, and sales teams. The first step in advertising management involves identifying the target audience. The targeted audiences are those who wish to reach your ads. And determining your budget based on these goals. Once you have established these factors, you can begin with various tasks. Tasks like brainstorming creative ways to deliver your message to your target audience. And Be Sure To Stay Within Your Budget. This strategy may include social media posts or television advertisements.

Market research is a leading activity in advertising management 101. Market research helps an advertising team discover current trends in the market. It also helps generate more innovative ideas to advertise their products and services.

History of Advertising

Earlier businesses used advertisements to counter competition. It is one of the most important and oldest segments of any business. Advertising plays a major role in making the product known.

The oldest print ad of 3000 BC in Egypt depicts the return of a runaway slave. There was also a mention of a slave owner’s shop in this advertisement.

The slave was never caught, but the business owner found a new way of selling or branding the product.

Now, let’s take a look at the last five centuries of advertising.

  • 1472 in London: When the first poster advertising was set up on the door of the church.
  • The first newspaper advertisement came into print in 1650.
  • In 1704, the Boston newspaper promoted its readers to place their advertisements.
  • In the 1880s, postcard advertising came into play. It became one of the most popular ways to reach customers.
  • In 1902, the Unilever Company came into existence. It hired  J Walter Thompson Company to promote Lifebuoy soaps.
  • In 1902, Mellins Food also placed its advertisements on 25 airship flights. It was to promote its product.
  • 1922: Radio ads became popular among business owners.
  • 1925: Advertisers focused on customer interest, feelings to promote their products. The Ford Company gave the best example of this.
  • Computers became more popular in 1975 and computer advertising came along.
  • Youtube and Facebook introduced digital advertising in 2005.
  • From 2005-till now: The digital advertisements have been becoming popular day by day. Ad managers are inventing lots of different types of digital ads. Here, customer data plays a major role to promote a product. These ads are more specific, less expensive, and reach more customers.

So, the first rule of advertising is to try a new method of marketing. According to history, the methods of advertising change after a few years. There was a time when postcard ads were most popular but they no longer exist today.

Types of Advertising

There are many ways you can advertise your business, even if it’s a small start-up. You can have an electronic or physical signature; banners and posters for buildings,

online ads such as Google AdSense;

postcards in mailboxes;

radio commercials on AM/FM stations, etc.

The point of advertising management is for education. Companies educate their potential customers about what they offer through using different mediums. Customers may not even realize there’s a need for your product or service until they see an ad for it in one way or another. Internet marketing techniques include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram marketing. Companies will pay Facebook to put their advertisement up on users’ news feeds. It results in the engagement of a huge audience.

Now, we will discuss different types of advertising management. There are a lot of ways to advertise products and services to boost your company’s revenue. Advertising management has certain rules and regulations. For example, advertising managers can’t create ads to misguide their customers. They have to take care of the customers’ loyalty towards their brand.

Print Advertising

Print advertising includes a wide range of marketing efforts. Businesses can place ads in magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals. As well as handouts, flyers, and brochures. Print advertising is available and accessible. It’s an easy way to reach potential customers while they’re out in public. And unlike other forms of advertising, print advertising is inexpensive. But you don’t get much customization with print advertising. This is because it is not targeted at specific individuals or geographic areas. But its effectiveness depends on how many people see your ad. Follow some tried-and-tested principles for running successful print campaigns. It will ensure better delivery of your message.

Broadcast Advertising

If you’re wondering what broadcast advertising is, we have got you covered.

Broadcast advertising refers to media used by advertisers to reach their intended audiences. Commercial radio and television fall under broadcast advertising. But, print media is also a form of broadcast advertising. Print media ranges from general periodicals,

top magazines, newspapers to more specialized publications for professionals in specific industries.

Outdoor Advertising

As the name suggests, outdoor advertisements are for outside display. We can see these advertisements in various formats. Such as kiosks, trade shows, events, posters, and billboards on the streets. With this type of advertisement, you can attract the attention of traveling people.

The content displayed in outdoor advertisements should be attractive, clear, and worded

Public Service Advertising

Businesses use Public Service Advertising to encourage people

and make them aware of different types of public causes or issues. These types of advertisements cover various public issues. Such as Population,








Illiteracy, and many more.

Awareness campaigns are very important to improve public health.

Celebrity Advertising

Business owners use celebrities to advertise their products or services. These types of advertisements increase the trust among people for a certain brand. Celebrity ads use a variety of advertising mediums. Such as

social media,


television ads,

search results,

newspapers, or print ads to promote their product.

Business owners can reach and attract a large audience by this method.

Surrogate Advertising

These types of advertisements make people aware of the ill effects of a product or service. In other words, they include advertisements

of a product or service that the government has banned. It is harmful to the health of consumers.

In this advertising, an advertiser advertises the product by the same name. It helps to remind their consumer of the same brand of alcohol and cigarettes. For example, Kingfisher uses this strategy to advertise their product.

Interactive Advertisement

This type of advertising used a digital medium to reach out to the customer. In his advertising, You can promote through interactive mediums. Such as Google, youtube, mobile, TV channels, SMS, social media, etc.

Nowadays this type of advertising is effective or personal. Because it helps to interact with the customers. With this type of ad, we can influence the customer to buy in a personal way.

Importance Of Advertising Management

Management of any activity in an organization is very crucial. It helps to get effective results and achieve your company’s goals. It is a continuous process to manage the advertising team to make the most effective ad campaign. It includes many processes like planning, evaluating, designing, budgeting, and delivering.

Now, we will explore some advantages. Figure out how advertising management gives a lot of advantages to the organization.

Make Effective Advertising Campaigning

The responsibility of the advertising management team is to create effective advertising campaigns. To increase awareness of the company’s products and services, they create eye-catching advertising.

Cost Saving

Advertising management always takes care of the company’s resources and finances. They do budgeting before the campaign. So, they have given the company the greatest return on investment. So, they have given the company the greatest return on investment.

Boost Revenue

Advertisement is playing a lead role in increasing the sales of the company. As we discussed earlier, It is impossible to get sales without advertisement. Thus, advertising management is crucial to the growth of the company.

Analyze and Track Advertisement Activities

Analyzing and monitoring data is important.  It helps to understand how your advertising campaign is performing is essential. The advertising management team always takes any decision after analyzing the metrics. This means getting better results from the campaign.

Improve Brand Value

Effective advertisement helps to generate recall value to customers. The aim of the advertising team is to generate recall value for their customers. Moreover, it helps to increase the value of the brand.

Tips For becoming an effective Advertising Manager

Nowadays we have a variety of options and platforms for advertising. Having enough knowledge about your targeted audience and competition is very important. Both play a major role in creating an effective advertisement.

Here I am writing some tips to become a successful marketing manager.

Knowledge of Customers

Having knowledge of your targeted customer is very important for becoming a manager. As the technology is more advanced, it offers a lot of options for wide targeting.

Having Knowledge of buyers helps in various things like

  • saving money
  • generating more leads
  • creating a better ad campaign
  • boost your revenue
  • increasing sales, etc

Data Analysis

Analysis of data is very important for running a successful advertising campaign. Because data helps to give a better understanding of your customers, competition, & trends. Also, the security of data is very important for a company. So, the advertising manager must be able to analyze customers’ data.

Must-Have Soft Skills

Soft skills are essential for every small or large business owner to run a company.

The benefits of soft skills include:

Developing better relationships between employees or bosses,

The ability to discuss problems

covert customers, grow together and make decisions.

There are some examples of soft skills such as

  • Leadership skills,
  • Time-management skills,
  • Creativity,
  • Communication skills,
  • Teamwork,
  • Adaptability,
  • Work ethics,
  • Problem-solving skills,
  • Decision-making skills, and
  • Personality Development skills.


After reading this article, you will get to learn a lot of things. It will help you understand how advertisement management is crucial for advertising campaigns. You will further learn the advantages of ad management. These include

saving money, more leads, improved brand value, effective ad campaigns, etc. 

There are various types of advertising methods available to promote your product. A few to name are print, broadcasting, digital, interactive, surrogate, and many more. Currently, digital advertising is the best way to advertise your products or services.

Advertising is an ever-evolving concept that changes after a few years. In today’s time, you can reach more customers globally through digital ads.