Biochar and Industrial Hemp Benefits

Biochar and Industrial Hemp Benefits

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Tune in as James Gaspard of BioChar Now talks about the benefits and amazing things biochar carbon can do and how industrial hemp boosts that benefits.

James Gaspard’s career in start-ups, mid-size and Fortune 1000 companies gives him a unique perspective on all aspects of a company’s life-cycle from birth, through growth and harvest. He returned to school after 10 years in the workforce and graduated from the University of Texas with a JD/MBA with honors. His career has been highlighted to date by his sales talent and his ability to close larger dollar volumes of transactions in several diverse industries.
Biochar Now LLC manufactures and sells biochar to the private sector, governmental and industrial markets. They are the current manufacturing leader of high-quality biochar. James and his team spent the last four years successfully developing its manufacturing and emissions compliance technologies that are now patented. The company is currently scaling to meet the demands of large and diverse markets. Market examples are agriculture; mercury removal from power plant stacks; river spill remediation; water sequestration for droughts; nutrient pollution removal from rivers and lakes; lawn and landscape; strength filler for recycled plastics and more.

In this video, they talk about the importance of
1. quality products
2. markets
3. carbon sequestration
4. company expansion plans

0:00 Intro
1:19 Getting to know James Gaspard
7:13 Talking about Superfund sites
13:18 Talking about how it is applied
14:38 Understanding whether it’s a good carbon or not
17:50 The passion
19:52 Sharing the journey
24:29 What needs to happen to bridge this gap?
28:36 Education Piece takes the longest
30:11 Plastics and microplastics
34:17 Hemp plastic and biochar
37:53 Where do you see in 5 years
41:22 Objections and hiccups
44:54 Consumers being educated
49:38 Expo
49:56 Closing remarks
50:38 End

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