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ready or not digital transformation isreinventing business as we know it everyenterprise including yours now faces achoice between innovation or extinctiondigital transformation is notspecifically about i.t or technologyit’s about redefining your entirebusiness strategy perhaps even changingyour corporate cultureto succeed in digital your companyshould think of technology not just as asupport function but as a strategiccompetency

applying technology to your businessit’s actually about creating entirelynew business models on the backbone oftechnology amazon.com was not just ashop with a website it forever disruptedand revolutionized the entire concept ofshopping and moreit’s now imperative for every businessto adapt to and take advantage of theways the digital world has radicallychanged consumer behavior andexpectationsyour customers your channels and your

of 2017 mobile devices dominate totalminutes spent online searching readingemail browsing and buying that’sglobally from 71 to the us to 91 inindonesia and 67 percent of millennials56 percent of gen xers 41 of babyboomers and 28 of seniors prefer to shoponline rather than in storeand it’s not just for retail consumers55 of b2b buyers say they search forproduct or vendor information on socialmedia and according to a 2017 cloudcrate study 55 of b2b buyers expect

platform even your own productsemployees and business operations arealready dependent on digital technologythe digital transformation continues toaccelerate for two main reasons firsttechnology is evolving at an exponentialrate second data is far more plentifuland usablemastering emerging technology has alwaysmade the difference between companiesbeing competitive or barely keeping upwhat makes today’s digitaltransformation different is the extreme

of data but real-time datadata about your consumers data aboutyour competitorsdata about your supply chain data aboutyour marketshaving this data and knowing how to useit pulls your critical businessdecisions out of the shadow of opinionor guesswork and brings intelligentoptions into the light instantly so yourbusiness can do new things and do thingsrightthe digital transformation has the

provides low-cost tools and enablesstrategies that give small andmedium-sized businesses a fightingchance to compete at the same level asmajor enterprisessuccessful companies that have disruptedthe entire industry often did so bychanging business models and processesin ways that vastly improve the customerexperience data is what makes these newmodels possibledigital transformation depends on dataand data depends on effective collection

get the dataprotect the dataanalyze the data thenutilize the datathese are the essentials of a digitaltransformation and these are theessential skills that your company willeither have to outsource hire or trainand upskill from the inside do you havea digital transformation strategyaccording to a 2017 forester report 74of business executives say their companyhas a digital strategy but only 15

skills and capabilities to execute onthat strategy[Music]digitally transforming your organizationchanges everything it changes yourcorporate strategy it changes yourbusiness processes it changes yourmarketing capabilities it even changesthe roles and skills you need to fill inorder to bridge the gaps between yourcompany and the technologies you need tomastersimplylearn is here to help you on this

training for the digital economysimplylearn offers hundreds ofcertification courses and technologiesand practices that are essential forthis transformation[Music]contact simply learn today to learn howour online learning programs can keepyour team on the well-sharpened edge ofdigital transformation[Music]