Exercise Equipment at Larson Park

Exercise Equipment at Larson Park

Located at East 108th Avenue and Larson Drive, in Northglenn, Larson Park went through a massive renovation from the fall of 2015 into the spring of 2016.

City staff conducted community surveys to determine the wants and needs of neighborhood residents for Larson Park. The surveys indicated that residents were interested in updated playground equipment, shaded seating, a water fountain, as well as more outdoor fitness options for adults.

Thanks to generous grants – more than $76,000 from Adams County Open Space and nearly $265,000 through the Adams County Community Development Block Grant Program, the park now has a new “Fossil Hunt” dinosaur-themed playground, to go along with the other improvements that the city made to the park, in response to residential needs.

Today, we’d like to focus on the eight new pieces of adult fitness equipment that were installed as part of the park renovation. Volunteers and members of the city of Northglenn’s HEAL committee will help to demonstrate the correct use and benefits of the equipment, so you can get a good work out.

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