HempTrain™ Advanced Hemp Processing Plant Facility Tour | Operation Demo- LICENSING SEE WEBSITE

HempTrain™ Advanced Hemp Processing Plant Facility Tour | Operation Demo- LICENSING SEE WEBSITE

Take a peek inside CGT’s Calgary, AB HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant Production Facility. Join us on a tour of our commercial HempTrain™ facility for an in depth demonstration of how HempTrain™ operates from start to finish.

The HempTrain™ Advanced Processing Plant is the only hemp processing technology capable of separating whole-plant hemp feedstock into multiple high-value streams. A HempTrain™ can separate dry hemp feedstock into long, strong bast fiber, clean, size-specified hurd, and a nutrient rich green microfiber. Furthermore, it can process fresh/green hemp feedstock, separating and concentrating an Extraction-Ready Fraction for use as an CBD extraction feedstock.

Licenses are offered for production and distribution of HempTrain™. The life long, irrevocable license in North America, for a territory (state, country) with a population up to 20,000,000, is offered for a one-time, up-front $3.75M USD and includes supply of the first turn-key HempTrain™ (value $1.55M USD), full technology transfer, engineering training and on-going support. Each additional license for ANY territory world-wide will cost a one-time, up-front USD$1.75 M (HempTrain™ facility not included), if the additional territory is still “open” and the additional license is purchased within 2 years of purchasing the first, main License. There will be no royalty or alike whatsoever and no deferred payments. Licenses for territories outside of North America will be priced on the basis of their merits.

For more information including specifications, pricing, licensing terms, whitepapers and an FAQ, visit our website https://canadiangreenfield.com/hemptrain/

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*Certain types of feedstock with a higher content of bast fiber (greater than 15% w/w) and longer bast fiber in length (greater than 3ft), as well as certain bale configurations may significantly affect the throughput capacity. Feed rate and manner of loading may change significantly depending on feedstock.