Jobs In The Cannabis Industry

Jobs In The Cannabis Industry

While there are countless opportunities in the legal cannabis industry, not all of them are
suitable for everyone. Some may choose to create their own cannabis companies. While this
might be risky, it is also financially rewarding. In this article, we will look at the most promising
marijuana careers and provide you with tips and tricks for employment. Read on to find out
more! Also, don’t forget to check out our career guide for more marijuana-related information!

Job description

A manager in the cannabis industry has a wide range of responsibilities. These professionals
oversee the entire process of production, from growing to harvesting. They also keep track of
sales data, maintain databases and ensure adherence to health and safety regulations. As part
of their job description, they’ll be expected to attend trade shows and develop relationships with
vendors. In this article, you’ll learn more about the different positions within this sector.

The marijuana industry is built on healthy, productive plants. A master grower oversees the
growing process, monitors the quality of cannabis, and communicates with compliance
inspectors and law enforcement. A background in botany or horticulture is a must. A job
description in the cannabis industry can be difficult to find, but a high-paying career awaits you. If
you’re interested in getting started in the cannabis industry, check out the following job

Budtenders: As a dispensary’s front-of-house representative, budtenders must be personable
and knowledgeable about cannabis goods. Budtenders will be customers’ main source of
purchases. They should be prepared to answer customer questions and address their concerns.
With experience, budtenders can advance to the dispensary manager role. As such, it’s
essential to be well-versed in sales and customer relations.

Budtender: A cannabis sales associate, also known as a budtender, is the most customer-facing
position in a dispensary. Budtenders must be knowledgeable about the cannabis industry, be
passionate about it, and be skilled with cash handling. Budtenders must also be capable of
entering transactions into a dispensary’s POS system. So, if you’re looking for a high-paying role
in the cannabis industry, consider a budtender job description!

Hourly pay

With its explosive growth, the cannabis industry is in desperate need of qualified employees.
Employee turnover in lower-wage positions is particularly high. To remain competitive, marijuana
operators must balance recruitment costs with retention goals. Hourly pay is one of the biggest
factors in this equation. For example, marijuana businesses should offer higher wages to entice
employees. Employees should also have a clear path to advancement. But what is a fair hourly

In 2016, the United States cannabis industry supported about 414,000 jobs, and by 2021, this
market is expected to reach $9 billion. While these numbers are still low compared to previous
years, there are many opportunities for those with different skill sets. In addition to high-paying
jobs, marijuana industry employees also enjoy medical benefits and paid time off. The average
salary is $113/hour, which is well above the national median.

High-level executives in the cannabis industry earned salaries of up to $50,000 a year.
According to data collected by CannabizTeam, a San Diego-based staffing agency, this salary
range will increase by 10 percent through 2021. Liesl Bernard estimates that it costs her clients
anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 to hire a replacement. As a result, the cannabis industry will
soon offer top salaries and benefits to attract a diverse workforce.

Salaries in the cannabis industry are rising, as the demand for employees increases. According
to the Conference Board, salaries in the cannabis industry will rise by four percent by 2022.
That’s the highest growth rate since 2008.

Career path

The Cannabis industry is full of opportunities for those who are passionate about science. The
field of chemistry and pharmacology is a good fit for chemists, who enjoy studying and working
with plants. Cannabis sales and marketing are among the most rewarding jobs in the industry.
Many potential candidates are happy to work from home. They must have excellent
communication skills and be able to work well under pressure. Here are some ways to land a job
in the cannabis industry.

Marketing is a creative role, and cannabis companies are constantly looking for innovative ways
to stand out from the competition. Depending on the company, this role can include email
marketing, social media marketing, SEO, advertising, market research, and other activities. In
addition to executing marketing campaigns, marketing personnel will work closely with
compliance, who ensures all content is legal and adheres to federal and state laws. This position
requires knowledge of marijuana law.

Those with a background in accounting can advance to managerial positions within medical
marijuana production and dispensaries. Regardless of level, a career in cannabis can provide a
fresh and exciting alternative to the traditional job market. Some positions involve working
directly with cannabis, including growing, harvesting, extracting, producing edibles, packaging,
and delivery, while others involve supporting the industry with administrative work. A cannabis
career can be both rewarding and challenging and requires some training and experience.
Once you’re comfortable with the idea of working with cannabis, it’s time to start looking for
positions that suit your skills. Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United
States and jobs in this field are plentiful and rapidly expanding. It’s also a fast-growing field, so
it’s important to make the most of it. Just remember that this industry is still in its infancy and
there is a lot of room for growth.

Skills needed

For people with technical and regulatory backgrounds, the cannabis industry is a perfect fit. If
you have experience with computer networking, machine learning, and data science, then you
will be in high demand in this sector. In addition, experienced executives who have trouble
getting interviews at Silicon Valley companies will be welcome in the cannabis industry. These
are just a few of the many skills that will help you land your dream job. If you’ve always dreamed
of working in this industry, you’ll be glad you did.

Developing strong communication skills is essential for any job in the cannabis industry.
Effective communication requires listening, empathizing, and appropriate body language.
Likewise, professional development requires strong soft skills, such as public speaking, writing,
and negotiation. Being a team player is also essential for cannabis industry employment. You
should be able to work cooperatively with other people while demonstrating the ability to lead
when necessary. You should also be able to manage your time well.

Experience in a regulated industry is valuable for any cannabis job. Experience in a start-up is
also valuable, as it is a highly regulated industry. In addition, a candidate with experience in
customer service or cash handling will stand out from those with no such experience. And a
resume with the right experience will help you land your dream job! So, what are the Skills
Needed in the Cannabis Industry?

Cultivation technicians, also known as trimmers, are responsible for hand-trimming cannabis
flowers. The hand-trimmed flower will be far superior to those that are processed by a mechanical
trimmer. Quality manager skills are also necessary as they oversee the entire production
process, including product testing and environmental testing. They oversee internal procedures
and abide by state regulations. Ultimately, they must maintain high standards. They must also
be knowledgeable about the products they are selling.


The cannabis industry is a multibillion-dollar business with plenty of job opportunities. The
average salary in the cannabis industry is $22 per hour, or $44,000 per year. This is
considerably higher than the national median for all occupations, which is $42,200. Even those
who earn as little as $10 per hour are still well above the middle 50 percent. Cannabis jobs are
abundant, and many people with PhDs and high salaries are flocking to the industry. While the
Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t keep data on the industry, some industry publications do.
Master cultivators are responsible for overseeing the entire seed-to-sale process, ensuring that
the plants receive the right nutrients, water, and light. Some are also responsible for hiring and
pest management and are even responsible for developing strains with higher potency. Master
cultivators make an average of $88,000 per year, compared to only $47,000 for less
experienced growers. Master cultivators earn the highest salaries in California and
Massachusetts, earning up to $120,000 per year.

Store managers are the heart of the cannabis industry, and they can earn as much as $75,000
per year. In addition to the base salary, they can expect bonuses based on the gross sales of
the store. Some Californian dispensaries turn over $10 million a year. Unlike the typical
Domino’s delivery drivers and store managers earn health insurance and vacation pay. Ultimately,
they become the supervisors of several cannabis stores.

Several positions in the cannabis industry can earn high salaries. CEOs are at the top of the list,
earning an average salary of $1.5 million. Other positions that pay well in the industry include
edible chefs, security workers, and budtenders. They also earn a good income, especially when
compared to the national average. If you’re planning to get into this new industry, you should
consider your salary expectations.