Sales Management 101


Everyone knows that sales are the backbone of every organization. Businesses cannot run without sales. It is important to have an efficient sales management team for successful sales. Sales Management 101 Team plays a very important role in the organization. It helps to achieve all company’s goals and targets. After learning Sales management you will understand how to increase business profits. How do you manage sales as a business owner to bring more revenue and scale your business to the next level?

In this ultimate guide to sales management 101, you will learn a lot about sales management. And the characteristics of sales management. Also learning about the roles and responsibilities of sales managers from this article.  We will discuss how tools and technologies play a critical role in sales management.

We will also discuss some strategies for sales management. So read this full article and enhance your knowledge in sales management. Let’s get started!

What Does Sales Management Mean?

We can understand Sales management by its name. That it is a process of creating planning for sales operations. Moreover, it helps to put in place sales techniques. This kind of management helps to generate sales and surpass sales targets. 

If your product is ready for sale, then you must create a sales management strategy. The industry doesn’t matter at all in sales management. To manage sales performance, you need a sales management process for your company.

Every organization needs a skilled sales manager. They know all about sales and how to manage and lead the sales department.

Management of sales helps your company to reach sales goals and stay in tune with your industry. Also, it helps to compete with your competitive marketplace.

No matter if you are an experienced or new sales manager. You need to know how to gain and test visibility into your sales.

It is easier to solve every pinpoint issue of your organization by the sales manager. But sales managers must have a clear picture of your business process. Also, you will have a better overview of future tasks that help to increase sales of the company.

Required Skills For Becoming Successful Sales Manager

If you want to become a sales manager then read the following required skills

Analyzing Skill

Now in the age of modern technology, data is very crucial for every business. Data helps to identify the problems and interests of the customer. So, a business can create a better product as per customer interest.

A sales manager must be able to analyze data. See what’s relevant, find actionable takeaways and create a meaningful conclusion.

Strategic Planning Abilities

The next step after analyzing data is planning. The sales manager should be able to create strategic planning for their company.

Strategic planning is very necessary for the organization. This shows various benefits to their company. Like cut losses, generate more quality leads, increase revenue. Moreover, it also helps in sustainable growth for a business.

Strong Communication Skills

Communication skill is a most essential skill for everyone or a business. To become a good sales manager you must be able to convert customers into sales. So, make sure the manager needs to deliver information to people.

Motivation and Delegating Skills

To become a good sales manager you must support your team and motivate them. You can set a reward system for getting better results. Also, rather than trying to do everything ourselves. You must be able to delegate your work to a person who is an expert on that work.

Role of Sales Manager in Organization

Now let’s discuss some key roles and responsibilities of sales managers. What does a sales manager do? We already discussed the sales management team in any organization. It plays a vital role in a company’s success. They decide the future of any organization. But there is not enough to have a sales management team. You must hire skilled or trained employees who are capable of driving more sales for a company. They have to convince clients and bring more business to the company. Moreover, You have to hire the perfect sales manager as well. A sales manager is the only person who manages the entire sales team. Thus, we will discuss some important roles of any sales manager.

Before we learn roles, let’s understand who are sales managers? One of the responsibilities of a sales manager is to lead and coach a team of salespeople. Sales managers have a dedicated team for achieving sales targets of an organization. As a sales manager, you act like a mentor for your team and solve each problem along with their team. All future planning and decisions completely depend on the sales. If the sales manager meets all targets, then a company decides to expand more. The sales department has connections with major departments like marketing, finance, and operation.

  • Apart from this, the Sales Manager have some points of a key role in the organization
  • Assigning sales territories to sales teams by a sales manager. It means you have to assign specific geographic locations to their team member.
  • The sales manager also set quotas. Quotas mean to set targets and give deadlines to their team in a specific period of time.
  • Mentoring and motivating their sales team is among the main duties of a sales manager.
  • It is the duty of every sales manager to provide training and to enhance the learning of their team.
  • Building a sales plan is very important in the sales industry. Sales managers make proper sales plans for their organization.
  • Another significant task for sales managers is hiring and terminating their sales executives.

Sales Management Strategies for Businesses

If you have a great sales team, great product, and clear-cut goals, you might be wondering. What strategies can we follow for sales management?

Thus, let’s go through the following sales management strategies. And reaching your sales goals or generating more deals for your business.

Define a Clear Cut Goal

Define a particular goal for your entire team. Make sure every individual will work together to reach the company’s goal.

You can set up different goals for different activities. Activities like job functions, sales, training, marketing, and more. And set a particular team to achieve a particular goal. But ensure the company’s targets are realistic and achievable for everyone. Also, fix a timeline to achieve the targets.

Hire the Right Employees

As we know that sales help in running the business. And sales professionals play a big role in the success of the company.

These must be some qualities in a sales professional. Qualities like creative mindset, out-of-the-box thinker, honesty, and hard work.

Make sure the sales manager is able to develop an attractive incentive plan. Also, managers are responsible for their roles. You may or may not be giving training to new hires. Training helps to learn about your business.

Motivate your employees

As a sales manager, you are able to solve the problems of your employees and motivate them. Whether you are able to generate more sales in the first month or not. You can provide work to your employees as per their interests. You can give rewards to the best employees. Make sure every team member feels supported and motivated in your company.

Identify your Target Market

You must have a clear understanding of the market and target audience. Selling techniques and strategies can be different for different businesses. This strategy helps to find people’s needs, interests, problems, and requirements.  Also, identify your competitor to know the strengths, threats, weaknesses, and opportunities. So, you can present a better product than competitors.

Create Sales and Revenue Reports

Managing your company’s reports and data is very important to your business. Analyzing your business’s past data and reports helps you detect the following problems. And solving these problems helps your organization succeed.

Do you maintain a balance between expenses and sales?

Which product sells the most or which does not?

Why is your product not sold in the market?

How successful was this campaign?

So, read your data and secure it from competitors.

Evaluating the sales process

A sales process is a predetermined method that helps generate potential leads. As a sales manager, you must have a clear plan or process or framework to generate future sales. Make sure your sales process or structure will need an update as per the market situation.

You are able to create a different sales process as per the personality of your customer.

Invest in Training and Development

Customer mindset and sales techniques change over time. So, it is quite important that your sales team is open-minded and updated with the current market. You need to invest in the training and development of your team to get the best results.

According to a LinkedIn report,

95% of employees stay in a company longer if they learn something new from the company

Your company’s learning environment helps your company to grow and generate more sales. Your employees will find new ways to sell. 

Highlight Some Best Tools For Sales Management

There is a lot of activity in the sales department. Some activities like lead generation, marketing automation, customer relationship management, etc.

All these tasks are very important to achieve targets of sales. In sales management, it is not possible to do every task by our man force. It is not an effective way to increases sales. So, some tools are available in the market to make this task easy. We will discuss some major tools below:

For Lead Generation

Do you know most of the leads are useless and can’t nurture and convert into sales without using tools? Leads for any business are like oxygen for the business. Quality leads help to generate more sales. But where you get quality leads for your business. There are a lot of tools to generate quality leads for your business. Tools like

Qualaroo, Picreel, ProProfs Survey Maker, Proof, HotJar, Sumo, WPForms, Typeform, Survey Anyplace, Hellobar. All these tools can help to generate quality leads for your business.

For Marketing Automation

Most of the marketing departments buy marketing automation tools. The use case of this is for automating the marketing of the company. Have you wondered what is the importance of marketing automation tools? So marketing automation tools enable you to generate more sales for your company. Most of the tools are available at a very affordable rate. Tools like :









Constant Contact,, etc.

You can automate your marketing strategy by using these tools. And generating more sales.

For Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Today, customer relationship management tools have become very important. Especially in sales management for streamlining sales processes. Some tools for CRM can help to develop your business.

HubSpot CRM,

Zoho CRM,


Salesforces SaleCloud,

MailChimp is some tools to reduce the energy of your sales management team.

For Team Communication

Reporting and communicating with the team is part of sales management 101. It is not possible to communicate with team members without using tools. These communication tools help to share important documents with your team. There are a lot of free tools available. Like Rock, Slack, Chanty, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, HipChat, Troop Messenger, etc.

For Task Management

Task management is very critical for sales managers. A sales manager must assign tasks to their team. They also ensure that all tasks are achievable or not. To make this task easy, many tools and software are available. These tools enable sales managers to design tasks for their team members. I would like to give you some major tools. Tools like TeamWork,  nTask,  Basecamp, ProProfs Project,, Trello, Airtable.


Managing a sales team is not easy. Sales Management 101 is the most challenging department in every organization. The sales manager is the person who leads the sales management team in the organization. A sales manager needs to have a relevant skill set to manage or lead a sales team. We discussed a lot of skills required of a sales manager. And also learned how to be a successful sales manager. We discussed a lot of things that are essential to understanding sales management.

Hope you get to learn a lot from this guide and get to know about Sales Management. You will get high-paying jobs as a sales manager. But you should pursue a dedicated course in sales management for deep learning on sales. Find the best courses for sales managers from across the web. And achieving great success in the sales department in your life.