Trailer - The Goodness of Hemp™ Industrial Hemp Show

Trailer – The Goodness of Hemp™ Industrial Hemp Show

IND HEMP Oilseeds and Fiber presents The Goodness of Hemp™ Industrial Hemp Show. We will take you straight into the heart of the hemp industry as we follow along with our team and the others in the industry working hard everyday to build and develop an American supply chain for industrial hemp grain and fiber products.

We’ll introduce you to our growers and the farm families in Montana and across the country growing hemp for food and fiber. We’ll take you behind the scenes to see the the infrastructure that IND HEMP and others have built and are building to process hemp grain into hemp foods and hemp straw into useable industrial fiber and Hurd materials.

We’ll follow these ingredients and materials through the supply chain, into products and introduce you to those pioneers and companies committed to using American-grown hemp in their products.

We call this THE GOODNESS OF HEMP™, creating opportunities for American farmers and rural communities and we look forward to learning together and sharing all of this goodness with you.

In this first trailer for the Goodness of Hemp™ Industrial Hemp Show we share a quick view of the seeding, growing, harvesting and processing of industrial hemp. We celebrate our friends and colleagues who are also working hard to build an industry and create the necessary links to the supply chain. We are thankful we had the opportunity to final see so many again at the recent NoCo Hemp Expo.

Our commitment is to share what we are doing and to bring as many along for the ride as we can.

IND HEMP Oilseeds and Fiber is a family owned, mission-driven industrial hemp producer, processor and wholesale ingredient and material supplier working to create opportunities for American farmers and rural communities with industrial hemp.

We look forward to brining you the live view and exciting content on growing and farming industrial hemp, industrial hemp processing. Hemp grain processing including cold press expelling for hemp seed oil, milling of hemp protein powders, dehulling for hemp hearts to create the highest quality hemp seed food ingredients. Industrial hemp Fiber processing begins in the field with retting and baling before reaching our facility to go through the decortication process to separate and clean the outer bast fibers from the hurd, so that these materials can be used for biocomposites, bioplastics, building materials, animal bedding and so many more uses.

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